Embodied Meditation
for better relationships

Be more relaxed, attentive, open, and connected to yourself and others.
Survive the stresses of daily life with your sanity intact.
Get a regular break and do something nice for yourself. It's free, legal, and has zero calories.

Short, pre-recorded guided meditations to support you whenever you need. 
Free audio download. Yours to keep forever.

Release needless tension to feel more at ease (Body scan & Centering)
Notice what's happening inside you (Body scan & gentle movement)
Notice what's happening around you (Awareness of sound meditation)
Genuinely wishing someone well (Kindness meditation)

Note:  This is meditation, not magic.

I will not claim that these meditations will "transform your relationships in four easy steps" - because it doesn't work that way. I will not promise you that, after practicing these meditations once, you'll be able to stay calm and handle all your interactions with grace and confidence - because you won't. I'm not your gal for quick, easy, and one-size-fits-all solutions for all your relationship troubles - because they don't exist.

To improve your relationships, you need tools and the skills to use those tools. And to acquire skills, you need consistent practice over extended periods of time. This approach is not sexy in our "instant" culture, but it works.

If you want to be a better human, Embodied Meditation is a very useful tool to add to your toolbox. With practice, you'll get better at

being more attentive to your own needs and those of others,
listening with more patience and curiosity,
being less defensive, and
pausing before responding.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is embodied meditation with you suitable for everybody?  No. To address physical or mental health challenges (including anxiety, depression, or trauma), please seek help from a qualified, licensed medical professional and consult with your health care provider on whether meditation might support your healing. Meditation is not a substitute for medical care or psychotherapy. Also, I use very down-to-earth, practical language. If you are looking for poetry and imagery or for a traditional silent or mantra-based meditation, this is probably not for you.
I can't sit cross-legged on the floor and be perfectly still. Can I still meditate with you?  Absolutely. I'm not sitting on the floor, either! Please sit wherever and however you are comfortable and move any time you want.
Will you teach me to empty my mind? I desperately need my brain to shut up.  I hear you, but this is not that kind of meditation. I will invite you to pay attention (which requires thinking), and everybody gets distracted at some point (which is totally okay). With consistent practice, your thoughts may become calmer and more focused, at least some of the time. Try it out and see what embodied meditation does for you.
Does this involve praying to a deity?  No. Embodied Meditation is a body-based, secular practice.
Are there long periods of silence or incessant chatter by you?  Neither. I aim to guide you gently and not leave you hanging, while also including some pauses to give you time to sense and reflect. If my style does not resonate with you, please try a few other embodied meditation teachers and find the flavor that is right for you.
Will this make me enlightened?  Sadly, no. You will, however, become a better human. I think that's a good start.
Is this really free?  Yes.
Why are you doing this?  Too many people are struggling in their relationships and with daily life in general. I hope these guided meditations will help you feel calmer and more at ease, at least a little bit.
Is this a sales pitch?  No. You don't even have to give me your email address to download the guided meditations. If you'd like to know more about my classes and workshops, you can sign up for my monthly-ish email below.

I'm Elisabeth Fisher.

There is way too much conflict in the world for my taste, and I've been trying to do something about that for over 30 years. Honestly, I considered giving up many times, but obviously I'm still here.

If you want to stay reasonably calm and focused under stress, defuse tense situations, speak up more confidently, and disagree respectfully and effectively, please stick around.

I used to make my living as a corporate attorney, negotiator and mediator. Now I teach embodied peacemaking based on the mindbody education system developed by Paul Linden. I'm a certified somatic educator, embodied meditation teacher, and Yoga teacher, a martial artist (Black Belt in Kenpo Karate), and a practicing Buddhist.

Let's create a more peaceful world together.

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