Dealing with criticism

Criticism = attack or gift? You decide.


Would you love to simply ignore unfounded criticism and useless advice?
Do you want to be less defensive and more open when you receive helpful feedback?
Are you wondering how to accept a gift, even when it comes wrapped in an attack?
Do you want to give feedback that does good and hurts less?
Would you like to have more control over the critic inside your own head?

On the receiving end: Sometimes, criticism and advice are welcome and helpful - you take to heart what someone has to say, and you grow as a result. At other times, your critic or advice-giver means well but is not helping - you don't need or want their input, you didn't ask for it, but here it is, and now what? And sometimes you're too hurt, or too busy defending yourself, to see whether there might be a gift hidden behind the attack.

On the giving end: Providing negative feedback - even when it's true - can feel awful. You probably don't want to hurt anyone's feelings - at least not if you can help it. So, you try to soften the blow, or you rush just to get this over with quickly, and you stop short of saying what the other person really needs to hear. Or maybe the way you give clear and direct feedback hurts your relationships, and you don't know why that happens or how to change that.

And then there's that pesky voice inside your head: This one may be your loudest and meanest critic yet. And your most "effective" one, because it knows where to hit and really hurt you. And it's always with you and won't shut up. Maybe you don't need anyone else's feedback, because you've already said far worse things to yourself ...

Now the good news: It doesn't have to be this way.

This workshop series is for you if you want to

receive criticism with more grace and curiosity,
be less defensive - and safer - when you are verbally attacked,
redirect unsolicited and unwanted advice,
give feedback that is honest and kind, instead of brutal or watered-down, and
let your inner critic be a wise support, without letting it run your life.

What you'll get:

3 live online workshops (2 hours each). 
Each workshop will be offered on two separate days to accommodate different schedules and time zones.
Attend on the day of your choice - or come on both days for extra practice. 
The workshops will not be recorded, so that participants can feel free to have frank discussions. 
Videos covering the workshop content (available within one week of each workshop).
These will be created after the live event, for review and as stand-alone learning materials.

Workshop dates:

Part 1
Thursday, February 9 from 9-11am New York / 2-4pm UK time
Saturday, February 11 from 1-3pm New York / 6-8pm UK time
Part 2
Thursday, February 23 from 9-11am New York / 2-4pm UK time
Saturday, February 25 from 1-3pm New York / 6-8pm UK time
Part 3
Thursday, March 23 from 9-11am New York / 2-4pm UK time
Saturday, March 25 from 1-3pm New York / 6-8pm UK time

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Accept the gift, not the attack.
Give a gift without an attack.
Quiet your inner attacker to hear the gift.

Would this make your life more pleasant? Would your relationships improve?
Let's find out together.

Workshops + Videos

Join us live for a more
interactive experience. 
Videos are included in the price.


Videos only

If you cannot attend live, or if you prefer to learn at your own pace, this option is for you.


What participants have said about previous workshops (names omitted to maintain participants' privacy):

I was reminded how many avenues there are without being an aggressive bully, a scorned cynic, or a passive pushover.

Your training was gentle, but super empowering. It made me feel like I can handle this, and the things you suggest are doable.

Five stars! All of the content was understandable and related and very relevant. I feel like I got a lot out of it.

Your Instructor

Lisa Fisher

Hello! I'm Lisa Fisher, and I don't like conflict.

As a former corporate attorney and mediator, I have been helping people have tough conversations at work and at home for over 30 years. I teach my clients how to stay calm and focused under stress, defuse tense situations, speak up with confidence, and disagree respectfully. 

I lead Embodied Peacemaking workshops based on the mindbody education system developed by Paul Linden. I am a certified embodiment coach and Yoga teacher (Yin, Vinyasa, Embodied Toolkit), martial artist (Black Belt in Kenpo Karate), Embodied Meditation teacher, practicing Buddhist, and ballroom dancer.

Let's create a more peaceful world together.


Mind-body training for more peaceful relationships.

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